Brüpond Open Day

As the East London brewing scene expands to dizzy new heights, last Saturday saw an open day at Brüpond, Lea Bridge.

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Severnth Heaven

The darker months seem to be a draw for East Londoners to put on a beer festival.  From Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th, The Waltham Forest Corporation Sports & Social Club will host it’s seventh beer festival, titled Severnth heaven and featuring 30 ales, ciders and perries from around the river Severn.

Open from 5pm on Thursday and 12 noon for the rest of the event it’s free to get in if you are club or CAMRA member, or £1 before 8pm, £3 after 8pm on Saturday.

You can download the poster for more information or give them a ring on 0208 527 3944. The clubhouse can be found behind the Walthamstow Town Hall on Forest Road, E17 4JF.

I went to the last one on the Saturday night when they have live music. It was excellent!

Waltham Forest Social Club 6th Beer Festival

Waltham Forest Sports and Social Club

Waltham Forest Sports and Social Club

Last Friday I made it down to the Waltham Forest corporation sports and social club – just to the side of the impressive town hall. It was the 6th festival to run here and featured mainly beer from near the sea, the main exception being a new special from Redemption of Tottenham – ‘Shack at the Back’.

Half pint

Half pint

Up to 18 beers were available at any one time – 14 on the special additional bar and 4 on the regular bar.

The regular bar

The regular bar

Straight after work it was fairly quiet – no problems getting a seat and the small outside space was nice to take in the last of the Friday sun. But once the music kicked in the place filled out and got really quite busy!

Filling out - inside the Waltham Forest Social Club

Filling out

I only took photos of the final two bands – I’d kept promising myself I’d leave and then didn’t! Corporal machine and the bombers were billed as ‘a cross between Ian Dury and Chas and Dave, meeting in a Romford nightclub’.  Well… I could easily see Ian Dury in the Essex estuary musings but maybe not Chas and Dave. I loved the tuba though. A big thumbs up!

Corporal Machine and The Bombers

Corporal Machine and The Bombers

The final band on were Eastroad, who I’d sat with for most of the night and scared slightly with my beer ticking drinking.



The 7th beer festival will be held in November and feature beers from along the River Severn. It’s well worth the walk from Walthamstow Central. Beers are currently £2.50pp or £1.25 per half.

I think next time I will plan to stay!

Advance warning: Along the trent

Sadly I’m not sure I’ll get to pop into ‘Along the Trent’ at the Waltham Forest Corporation, Sports and social club. But this celebration of ales and ciders from along the river Trent looks quite interesting.

November 11 – 14, 2010, with 25+ real ales on offer and only a few minutes walk from Walthamstow Central tube.

Free admission for CAMRA members – for more details download the poster: Along the Trent

Olde Rose and Crown, Walthamstow

Olde Rose and Crown

Olde Rose and Crown, Hoe St

A large theatre pub around 5 minutes walk north of Walthamstow Central station.  Lots of pub games and a large range of beer – listed under E17 as part of Good Beer Guide 2010.  I popped in on a Sunday afternoon – there was a fair crowd in providing atmosphere (along with a fairly good range of music on the jukebox).

Inside ye olde rose and crown, Walthamstow

Inside ye olde rose and crown, Walthamstow

The beer seemed fresh but it was far too cold! – Ale should be at cellar temperature (c. 12ºC) not as cold as continental lager. Not only are the flavours lost but it develops a ‘chill haze’ – I don’t know why, but I would imagine it’s to do with the kind yeast used and the fact it’s the opposite yeast to Lager.

A cold pint

A cold pint...needs warming up a little.

The local CAMRA branch do meet in here quite often though – so maybe I was just unlucky? Otherwise a nice pub and not too much of a trek away from transport links.

The Coppermill, Walthamstow

The Coppermill, Walthamstow

The Coppermill, Walthamstow

On the corner of York Road at the very end of the W12 route, this little boozer is the last stop before the Walthamstow Marshes ‘country’ park.  We popped in on Sunday – it was quite busy with locals watching the Forest vs Leeds game but didn’t seem rowdy as pubs often are when the football is on.  Range of 3 or 4 beers – including the Kelham Pale Rider that we sampled.  The pale rider was a bit flat though still tasty. (I still miss northern beers with head). Maybe somewhere I’ll come back to as a stop off back from the cycling route through the marsh.