The Belgian Monk, Norwich


The Belgian Monk, Pottergate, Norwich

The final pub on our Norfolk holiday was the Belgian Monk on Pottergate in the centre of Norwich.  It is a real gem in amongst the cobbled streets.  Serving only beer from the continent and with a food menu very much themed around the lowlands – oh, how I wish I liked ‘moules frites’ sometimes! The food was excellent and the beer even better, with the beer menu proudly stating that they imported some of their own beer to bring in some flavours not normally found in the UK. First up for us, were the Augustijn bruin and Bosbier.


Good beer, good presentation

Due to my usual state of vaguely organised chaos I haven’t kept tasting notes.  I remember the Bosbier being a blueberry pils rather than a lambic, very refreshing with the Augustijn being more chocolatey and perfect with my wild boar sausage sandwich.  As the rain encroached on our al fresco drinking we moved inside for a second bottle this time opting for similar but slightly different – a Ciney Bruin for me and Ruth opting for the more traditional Belgian fruit beer, a frambozen/framboise – raspberry lambic.

The bar at the Belgian Monk

The busy bar at the Belgian Monk

A top bar. If I ever return to Norwich, somewhere I will seek out again.

Date of visit


The Ship Inn, Weybourne

The Ship Inn, Weybourne

The Ship Inn, Weybourne

The Ship Inn is at the centre of the village, on the coastal road (A149) which at this point becomes so narrow not to bother with pavements.  It’s quite a large pub with a decent selection of real ale – all local too.

Pump clips at the Ship

The bar of the Ship Inn, Weybourne

Again this was visited by bike so only a 1/2 pint was sampled of the ‘Grain oak’ which was nice enough.  There were a few locals in at the time and seemed to cater well both for the locals and the tourists. Outside there were even a few facilities in case of emergency…

Emergency Heartbeat

Emergency Heartbeat: The Ship Inn, Weybourne

The Dolphin, Cromer


The Dolphin, Cromer - The grey building could blend into a grey day...

Right on the sea front by the pier the Dolphin has an excellent location, at least when the weather is good.  The Scottish have a great word for the weather we got – dreek – basically bland, dull and grey. The beer certainly wasn’t! The barmaid was cheery and interested in my camera – always a good sign I find! Sadly as we were cycling we had to limit the tasting to 1/2pt of Wherry, which was fresh and tasty.

<A half pint of Wherry

A half pint of Wherry in the Dolphin, Cromer

Date of visit: 08/09/2010

The Windham Arms, Sheringham

The Windham Arms

The Windham Arms, Sheringham

The Windham Arms was highly recommended by everyone who we spoke to about Sheringham.  It’s a large pub, divided in two – that we rather naughtily labelled one side the ‘grockles‘ bar and the other the locals bar! (Though I hasten to add, that wasn’t the case – we did overhear some very interesting lifeboat stories in the grockles bar!)

As indicated by the sign, there was indeed delicious food. A combination of traditional English pub grub and Greek, with Ruth opting for the former and myself a Lamb Kelftiko, very much the latter. It was pretty good, though the veg that came with mine was a strange. I’m familiar with the concept of the sundried tomato but the sundried carrot? (Sadly I didn’t take a photo…so I guess for the purpose of the internets it didn’t happen).

Inside the Windham Arms

Inside the Windham Arms - The restaurant side (aka Grockles bar by us)

The beer here was generally excellent.   The first night I had a Humpty Dumpty brewery’s ‘Little Sharpie’ (not much to write home about), the second visit a Wolf’s ‘straw dog’ (a lovely straw coloured wheat beer) and the last visit Woodforde’s Nog.  Nog has a special place for me as one of the first beer kits I tried to brew at home – and provided 40 excellent pints of dark beer for the last ever student party we had.  It was great to try real Nog for the first time. Nothing like the kit, but much better.  A proper sour old ale and very refreshing even through it is a dark beer.

Well recommended and definitely somewhere I would return to, if I do ever return to Sheringham!