Brouwerijen De Molen en ‘t IJ

Blimey! It has been a little while since I have written, indeed this entry is rather delayed itself as I left my prized moleskine notebook 200 miles away. Now the poncy stationary is back in my possession, this from August…

Brouwerij De Molen (The Mill Brewery, Bodegraven)

De Molen, Mill Brewery, Bodegraven

De Molen

Craft beer lovers will probably be well acquainted with the name De Molen, a brewery situated in Bodegraven around 1 hour south of Amsterdam by train.

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The Lobster, Sheringham

The Lobster, Sheringham

The Lobster, Sheringham

I often think when I am writing these posts whether I should give a score.  I try to be vaguely objective, but most of the time I am positive.  The Lobster, architecturally is a gem.  A proper pub, divided into several rooms and with a ton of trinkets to boot. There are even maps on the ceiling. Sadly, that is about as good as it gets.

The lounge inside the Lobster, Sheringham

The lounge inside the Lobster, Sheringham

So now for a negative bit. Beer wise, I opted for ‘reedcutter’ from the Humpty Dumpty brewery.  Flat and uninspiring.  Our visit was on a Wednesday, by which time one would hope the weekend’s dregs had been drunk and there was a fresh midweek cask on offer.  Sadly, based on the condition of the reedcutter, I suspect not. And then there was the food.

Biscuit burger

Biscuit burger

This was Ruth’s choice.  The 4oz (113g) burger was pretty much a biscuit. Chips OK, but salad rather over dressed. I’d opted for Wild Boar sausages with mash and at around £13 I was expecting something better.  3 rather small ‘cocktail’ sausages with mash, peas and gravy. The red wine gravy was tasty, but again the sausages were overcooked as if the chef was scared of food poisoning. I don’t really count myself as a foodie (I’m far to picky and have lived with electric cookers for too long – it has eroded most of my interest in cooking anything too interesting) – still this did disappoint me a lot.

Overall, even the best pubs can have off days so I would give probably try again (if I was in Sheringham, anyway) – on a Saturday when the beer has turned over it would probably be fine, but I’d eyeball the other diners food well before thinking about eating.

Coming full circle then, a score? I’ll sit on the fence a bit and give 2/5. Plenty of potential just not particularly well executed on our visit.

Date of visit: 08/09/2010

The Windham Arms, Sheringham

The Windham Arms

The Windham Arms, Sheringham

The Windham Arms was highly recommended by everyone who we spoke to about Sheringham.  It’s a large pub, divided in two – that we rather naughtily labelled one side the ‘grockles‘ bar and the other the locals bar! (Though I hasten to add, that wasn’t the case – we did overhear some very interesting lifeboat stories in the grockles bar!)

As indicated by the sign, there was indeed delicious food. A combination of traditional English pub grub and Greek, with Ruth opting for the former and myself a Lamb Kelftiko, very much the latter. It was pretty good, though the veg that came with mine was a strange. I’m familiar with the concept of the sundried tomato but the sundried carrot? (Sadly I didn’t take a photo…so I guess for the purpose of the internets it didn’t happen).

Inside the Windham Arms

Inside the Windham Arms - The restaurant side (aka Grockles bar by us)

The beer here was generally excellent.   The first night I had a Humpty Dumpty brewery’s ‘Little Sharpie’ (not much to write home about), the second visit a Wolf’s ‘straw dog’ (a lovely straw coloured wheat beer) and the last visit Woodforde’s Nog.  Nog has a special place for me as one of the first beer kits I tried to brew at home – and provided 40 excellent pints of dark beer for the last ever student party we had.  It was great to try real Nog for the first time. Nothing like the kit, but much better.  A proper sour old ale and very refreshing even through it is a dark beer.

Well recommended and definitely somewhere I would return to, if I do ever return to Sheringham!