The Red Bull, Kidsgrove

The Red Bull hotel Kidsgrove

The Red Bull, Kidsgrove

A Robinson’s pub situated next to Lock 43 of the Trent and Mersey canal, with 4 ales offered: Unicorn, Double hop, Dizzy Blonde on one guest, Hartley’s ‘Cumbria Way’. The bar area is intriguing, full of trinkets and the staff are very friendly and welcoming.

Hanging tankards inside the Red Bull, Kidsgrove

Hanging tankards

Food was duly ordered to be eaten al fresco – the restaurant area being full bar one table anyway! We all really enjoyed the food and I have to say the stake and ale pie was bloody marvellous. Beer was also excellent – clear and a crisp tasty pint  – we opted for the Cumbria, myself being used to Robbies as a South Manchester escapee… There are more photos on flickr.

And that is it – my last narrowboat pub review. I have a few more pubs visited ‘on tour’ though which I will try to write about before I forget…but I think it’s time to hit the streets of East London again.


Leigh Arms, Little Leigh

The Leigh Arms public house, Little Leigh

The Leigh Arms

A large pub, set just off a major road (the A49) – a seriously major road judging by the traffic and dead rabbit. This was probably a coaching house judging by the position and references to Leigh Arms Hotel. Architecturally it’s pleasant inside – large vaulted ceiling and for comfort there are large leather arm chairs to relax in.

Inside the Leigh Arms

Inside the Leigh Arms

4 hand pumps offering 3 beers, with one pump dedicated to cyder.  2 for Robinson’s standard – Unicorn bitter and one for a summer special (Dizzy Blonde).  I went for the Unicorn which was nice enough as a standard bitter and reasonably priced at £2.65 pp.  My parents opted for the Dizzy Blonde and felt it was a bit of a disappointment at £2.95 pp – though this is rural Cheshire remember! Food smelt great through we had already eaten so we didn’t check it out.