Pigs Ear 2013

Yeah sorry I haven’t posted much of late… been busy. Before I do – here is a commercial break!

A note from my friends and colleagues at East London CAMRA.

Taste the Innovative and the Traditional at Pig’s Ear Beer Festival

The Pig’s Ear Beer and Cider Festival will be held at Hackney’s Round Chapel from December 3 to December 7. It will offer both exciting innovative beers from Britain and overseas and also traditional ales served from wooden casks, the centuries-old form of beer barrels.

Happy drinkers at Pigs Ear

Happy drinkers at Pigs Ear

The innovative will include products from many of the pioneering micro-breweries which have emerged in the last decade. Fittingly, nine of these are Hackney-based and none existed two years ago. Festival Organiser, Derek Jones, says: “These and other London breweries will be heavily featured as Pig’s Ear is cockney rhyming slang for beer. There will also be an exceptional selection of foreign beers, including several on draught such as those from Dutch De Molen and American Rogue. On offer – for the first time, we believe, in Britain – including Dominus Vobiscum from the acclaimed Quebec Brewery of Charlevoix.”
The traditional comes from the Festival acknowledging the 50th anniversary of the Society for the Preservation of Beers from the Wood, which advocates the use of wooden barrels as part of British beer heritage. Several wooden casks will be featured, including a one-off anniversary special 7% classic Red Ale brewed by award-winning Cambridge Moonshine Brewery.
The Festival is being organised by the East London and City (ELAC) Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA). Its Chair, Marion Robbens says: “We’re delighted to be returning to the historic Grade 2* Round Chapel in Clapton which is such a splendid example of our East London Victorian history. The 2012 Festival broke records for attendance on every single session. With 250+ beers and 30+ ciders plus food stalls and pub games we expect to attract even more in 2013.”
The Festival is open from noon until 23.00 hours Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday* and until midnight on Friday.

Much more news from ELAC can be found on Twitter.

*on Saturday the festival will close when there is no more beer!


North vs South at the Red Lion

A little late notice, but next week will see the opening of a North* vs South beer festival at the Red Lion in Leytonstone, for around 2 weeks.

The beer list as follows:



For more information take a look at the Red Lion on Twitter.


*note in true Southern style, the North is anything above Watford.

Waltham Forest Social Club 6th Beer Festival

Waltham Forest Sports and Social Club

Waltham Forest Sports and Social Club

Last Friday I made it down to the Waltham Forest corporation sports and social club – just to the side of the impressive town hall. It was the 6th festival to run here and featured mainly beer from near the sea, the main exception being a new special from Redemption of Tottenham – ‘Shack at the Back’.

Half pint

Half pint

Up to 18 beers were available at any one time – 14 on the special additional bar and 4 on the regular bar.

The regular bar

The regular bar

Straight after work it was fairly quiet – no problems getting a seat and the small outside space was nice to take in the last of the Friday sun. But once the music kicked in the place filled out and got really quite busy!

Filling out - inside the Waltham Forest Social Club

Filling out

I only took photos of the final two bands – I’d kept promising myself I’d leave and then didn’t! Corporal machine and the bombers were billed as ‘a cross between Ian Dury and Chas and Dave, meeting in a Romford nightclub’.  Well… I could easily see Ian Dury in the Essex estuary musings but maybe not Chas and Dave. I loved the tuba though. A big thumbs up!

Corporal Machine and The Bombers

Corporal Machine and The Bombers

The final band on were Eastroad, who I’d sat with for most of the night and scared slightly with my beer ticking drinking.



The 7th beer festival will be held in November and feature beers from along the River Severn. It’s well worth the walk from Walthamstow Central. Beers are currently £2.50pp or £1.25 per half.

I think next time I will plan to stay!

Ale Rattle and Roll at the Snooty Fox

The Snooty Fox

Snooty Fox, Canonbury

This weekend saw the Ale Rattle and Roll festival at the Snooty Fox, Canonbury.  We headed out nice and early because the appalling weather would mean no outside drinking.  Inside the pub there were several ales on the regular bar and space for 10-12 on a separate stillage in the place of some seating, with a couple of boxes of proper cider/perry for those who weren’t interested in the ale.


The stillage bar Snooty Fox, Canonbury

In the afternoon it was comfortably busy and the music was kept at a noticeable but unobtrusive level. The bar staff were very friendly and helpful and a good time was had by all.


Happy drinkers: Alice, Henry and Adam enjoying the real beverages

Favourite beer of the day was ‘Hit and Run‘ by Northern Brewing a very sweet wheat beer. Great for a 1/2 pint – I would struggle to finish a pint but was excellent for a quick half. Helpfully, the Snooty Fox is 2 minutes from Canonbury overground. I think I’ll be back on a normal day to check out the regular offering!

Date of visit: 02/10/2010