Three halves at the Three Pigeons

Bar Lounge

Bar Lounge – Art Deco door at The Three Pigeons, Halifax

I took a different train route back to London this weekend, which resulted in a 2 hour dwell in Halifax. Having placed my bets on doing a bit of shopping/browsing, I was a little disappointed to find most of the shops closed. Turning to the Good Beer Guide for advice I chose the warmth of The Three Pigeons to while away an hour after some Yorkshire fish & chips.

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Brouwerijen De Molen en ‘t IJ

Blimey! It has been a little while since I have written, indeed this entry is rather delayed itself as I left my prized moleskine notebook 200 miles away. Now the poncy stationary is back in my possession, this from August…

Brouwerij De Molen (The Mill Brewery, Bodegraven)

De Molen, Mill Brewery, Bodegraven

De Molen

Craft beer lovers will probably be well acquainted with the name De Molen, a brewery situated in Bodegraven around 1 hour south of Amsterdam by train.

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Leyton Technical, E10

Pint and mural of bicycles

Olympic Inspired – bicycle mural inside the Leyton Technical

The Leyton Technical is one of  Antic Pub Co‘s latest ventures in East London. A “pop up” pub in a disused corner of Leyton’s municipal offices, it opened just in time for the opening ceremony. With a brief gap between the games letting me off the shift working, I managed to nip in an Friday 17th and take a look.

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Tap East

So the #lympic games have finally arrived and with it a flux of new temporary bars.  However despite the burgeoning London pub and beer scene the offical ™ beer of the games is actually Heineken lager, from The Netherlands who stumped up the most brass for the sponsorship. Personally I would prefer it if we could import their cycling culture but I’ll save that rant for another day!

That said, all is not lost and there are several places in easy walking distance of the stadium where you can tap into this scene. The obvious place to start is Tap East:

Tap East - Stratford Westfield Centre

Tap East

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