Brüpond Open Day

As the East London brewing scene expands to dizzy new heights, last Saturday saw an open day at Brüpond, Lea Bridge.

A busy bar

A busy makeshift bar

With a temporary bar setup in the corner, the brewery set about selling it’s wares – three beers were available:

Ain’cho Mum’s Porter – 4.3%
Honey’d Wheat – 4.5%
Tip Top Hop IPA – 6%

Sadly a 4th beer, a Saison, was not quite ready yet.

Happy bar staff!

Happy bar staff were serving pints straight from the cask

My personal favourite for the day was the Honey’d Wheat beer that carried a strong flavour of banana bread which I am told is largely down to the yeast used. The porter was quite good, reasonable coffee notes with just a hint of chilli – much better than when I first tried it down at the Orient.

During the event I managed to grab a quick chat with David, the founder of the Brewery. Brüpond have now invested in a number of casks and are actively planning to sell their beers to pubs and bars across London – so do keep an eye out for them in the near future. A list of retailers can be found on their website.

Full disclosure: one of my volunteer activities with the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) is as Brewery Liaison Officer for Brüpond. However I attended this event as a regular punter – also has it really been 4 months since I put finger to keyboard? Apparently so, more thoughts soon I promise!


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