East London Festival Celebrates Hackney Beer Renaissance

So we are now just a week away from East London and City CAMRA’s Hackney beer festival – I’ll be working behind the bar for them for a few evenings. There’s more information from them on this year’s festival  below –  I hope to see you there!

Exciting and innovative Real Ales from new and emerging cockney breweries in Hackney will be showcased at the Pig’s Ear Beer and Cider Festival from 4-8 December. This will be held in Clapton’s historic Grade 2* Round Chapel.

For the first time ever, Hackney has enough breweries to justify a separate Hackney Bar at the Festival. Organiser, Derek Jones, says: “12 months ago Hackney didn’t have a single brewery and now it has five! They are Beavertown in Haggerston, Crate in Hackney Wick, Howling Hops on Mare Street, Hackney off Kingsland Road and London Fields in that district. All produce distinctive flavourful Real Ales in classic styles that are applauded by their growing numbers of customers. We’ll also be offering Real Ales from many other of London’s now 30-plus breweries including award-winning ones from Redemption Brewery in Tottenham and East London Brewery in Leyton.”

Happy drinkers at Pigs Ear 2011

Happy drinkers at Pigs Ear 2011 – picture from ELAC CAMRA

Pig’s Ear is Cockney rhyming slang for beer and easy rider glider is rhyming slang for cider. Appropriately the Festival will be supplying products from London Glider, the capital’s first commercial cider producer. Operating since 2010 and based in Woodford Green, this firm enterprisingly collects windfall apples from urban gardens and processes them into cider.

The Festival is organised by the East London and City (ELAC) Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA). Its chair, John Pardoe, enthusiastically comments: “ELAC looks forward to holding Pig’s Ear in the Round Chapel for a third time. Last year’s Festival broke all records for attendance and sales and the superb architecture of this listed building appeals enormously to attendees.”

The Festival will have some 200-plus draught ales from 110 selected Breweries, including many from outside London, to satisfy all tastes. In addition there will be an exceptional selection of Bottled and Foreign Beers and the noted Cider and Perry Bar featuring artisan producers – plus Food Stalls and Pub Games. The Festival’s opening hours are Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday Noon-23.00 and Friday: Noon-23.30.

For further information contact Bill Green at chumnic@talktalk.net or via the ELAC social media pages on Twitter @pigsearcamra and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/camra.elac


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