Three halves at the Three Pigeons

Bar Lounge

Bar Lounge – Art Deco door at The Three Pigeons, Halifax

I took a different train route back to London this weekend, which resulted in a 2 hour dwell in Halifax. Having placed my bets on doing a bit of shopping/browsing, I was a little disappointed to find most of the shops closed. Turning to the Good Beer Guide for advice I chose the warmth of The Three Pigeons to while away an hour after some Yorkshire fish & chips.

I wasn’t planning on taking a few photos, but the Art Deco interior of the pub was delightful, a proper 1930s feel, which I couldn’t resist. The photo above is my favourite from the set, unusually for me it appears to have some composition. The depth of field is just right to capture the letters and handle sharply but blur the table and window. However I assure it wasn’t as planned as it looks!

Art Deco light fitting

Art Deco light fitting

A good range of beer was on offer so I opted for three halves:-

  • Ossett Big Red (a 4% Red Ale) – very well kept and well balanced
  • A Rat Brewery Black Rat (a 4.5% porter) – nicely smoked, excellent mouth feel
  • A Rat Brewery King Rat (a 5% IPA) – far too grapefruity for my liking

A very enjoyable and unexpected visit – if I have to change in Halifax again I’ll be back. Helpfully it’s located under 10 minutes walk from the railway station…


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