Leyton Technical, E10

Pint and mural of bicycles

Olympic Inspired – bicycle mural inside the Leyton Technical

The Leyton Technical is one of  Antic Pub Co‘s latest ventures in East London. A “pop up” pub in a disused corner of Leyton’s municipal offices, it opened just in time for the opening ceremony. With a brief gap between the games letting me off the shift working, I managed to nip in an Friday 17th and take a look.

Leyton Municipal Offices, a red and white striped brick building

The impressive façade of Leyton Municipal Offices

Behind the façade, the ground floor plays host to the bar and several rooms laid out in different styles, not  dissimilar to a Victorian pub layout – I’m pretty sure I could see at least a snug and a lounge bar.  The bar itself is a simple affair as permission has been granted for use on an initial temporary basis as somewhere in Leyton to celebrate and enjoy the games. Behind the bar, a stillage is set up for around about 10 casks with a temporary cooling system – all beer is served by gravity (except for the single lager – Heineken), direct from the cask much like at a beer festival.



The pub sits well along side the Antic “fleet” with the added details in the décor nodding knowingly towards the sporting events taking place just over a mile down the road. On the beer front, so far the staff admit they have been deliberately biased towards London, featuring East London Brewing Co, Redemption, Windsor & Eton and Beavertown on my visit. Given the London games this is hardly surprising and has given Antic a chance to show case some of the local brews; talking with the staff they did have a fair few Olympic athletes make it out of the park and into the pub!

I expect this little part of London will be an excellent place to savour the next set of games when the Paralympics arrive at the end of next week: with wonderful surroundings and interesting beer – if only it could be permanent…


4 thoughts on “Leyton Technical, E10

    • Yes, had a really good chat with one of the staff at the bar – they hadn’t quite confirmed the details yet so I erred on the side of caution! Once further details come through I’ll put in an update.

    • I believe so. In the meantime some of the staff are taking on Chequers up in Walthamstow for Antic, so I’d expect a few subtle changes.

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