Tap East

So the #lympic games have finally arrived and with it a flux of new temporary bars.  However despite the burgeoning London pub and beer scene the offical ™ beer of the games is actually Heineken lager, from The Netherlands who stumped up the most brass for the sponsorship. Personally I would prefer it if we could import their cycling culture but I’ll save that rant for another day!

That said, all is not lost and there are several places in easy walking distance of the stadium where you can tap into this scene. The obvious place to start is Tap East:

Tap East - Stratford Westfield Centre

Tap East

Situated in the Great Eastern Market on the international station side of the Eastfield Westfield centre, this is the only instance I know of a microbrewery in a shopping centre!

Colourful bar

Colourful bar

There’s 6 ale hand pumps and around 8 fonts for craft keg and I believe they aim to at least two of their own beers available at any time. Also there’s a reasonable range of seating inside and outside.

Pumps - tap east bar

Pumps on the bar

 An admission here – on the several visits I have paid to Tap East, I haven’t made any notes about the beer so it would be unfair of me to write about it…  The pub keeps it’s own blog at http://tapeast.blogspot.co.uk/ which is work keeping an eye on for news and events.


3 thoughts on “Tap East

  1. Shocking service here!!! The brewers, management and barmen — and they are all young men, some of whom look like refugees from London fashion Week — completely ignored me after I’d finished a plate (more like a piece of slate) of unremarkable bratwurst. A blond fella with a ponytail who’d just come back from a fag break eventually used his common sense and cleared my table. The new boy on the bar acted like I was something the cat dragged in, clearing tables around me but studiously avoiding me. No response after I thanked him for bringing me my food. The absence of women is telling and I saw many women, couples and families in Westfield look into Tap East and then decide to go elsewhere. Probably a good idea when a bottle of Kernal IPA is nearly a fiver. I’m no fan of CAMRA but I went to a — largely — real ale pub in Essex later on. The Landlord, young blond barmaid, middle aged barman and foreign sounding waitress were all friendly, polite and personable. The beer reasonably priced. a cross section of society were represented in the boozer. It was a welcome antedote to the hipper-than-thou muppets at Tap East. Avoid like the plague.

    • Shame, it certainly wasn’t like that when I visited it. I haven’t tried the bottles, tend to stick to the draught beers when out and about as you can’t have those at home!

  2. Firstly Will Id like to apologise for the service you had. All I can say is that this isnt normal. What I would say though is the staff members age is irrelevant (and not all our members off staff are young, but we cant work the old ones to hard) and they are certainly not “Muppets”. Should you ever visit again, stick your head in the brewery and say hi and I’ll gladly show you around the brewery and buy you a pint.

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