The Clapton Hart, E5

Clapton Hart

The Clapton Hart

Last Thursday saw Antic‘s latest opening in East London: The Clapton Hart.

This part of London has for years suffered a bad reputation, the pub being at the north end of what the press nicknamed “murder mile”. But, the area is changing and I suspect the reopening what was The White Hart Hotel is a symptom of that change.  The pub was boarded up for as long as I can remember and I believe many years before that.


Local beer features highly

In keeping with the trends for new pubs in London, local beer features very highly with East London Brewing Co (Lea Bridge) and Redemption Brewery (Tottenham). ELB’s brewery at Lea Bridge is just over 1 mile away from the pub – a true local beer!


Looking into the main bar

Much like the opening of the Red Lion last year, the pub isn’t quite finished yet. It is also similarly distressed in terms of furniture and general appearance, which I am sure will be a hit with the local hipsters. Whilst I was the pub on Thursday there was a good number of customers so I am rather hopeful that this will be a permanent addition to the Clapton Pond area.

Inside the bar

Filling out

Beer-wise, I have to admit my first pint – Moor Brewery’s Revival – apt as it was, was a little disappointing. As a 3.8% regular session bitter it shouldn’t have been cloudy. However the second and third beers (ELB’s Foundation and Nightwatchman) were excellent so I’ll put that down to the fact the pub has only been open for a week.

I have a few more photos on flickr and look forward to returning to the Clapton Hart in due course.


One thought on “The Clapton Hart, E5

  1. Regarding the Moor beer, you can put its appearance down to the fact it’s un-fined. They probably should have told you that, though. Good news on another new opening out East. I’m all about options, me.

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