Post Office Vaults, Birmingham

Blimey – I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since I wrote anything down…probably down to avoiding beer for much of January; I didn’t go out of my way to drink blackcurrant and soda anywhere new!  Last weekend, I headed out of town again (even though I do have a list of London pubs I’d like to check out).  After a short venture to Lichfield, I ended up at the Post Office Vaults, New St, Birmingham.

Post Office Vaults

Post Office Vaults

This opened just before Christmas and is handily located just up from the Victoria Sq entrance of New St station. Inside it is very much in the current idiom of pub – beer but trendy; beards and beer guts are not mandatory. Décor and beer selection-wise it reminds me much of the Port Street Beer House (Manchester) and Euston Tap (London).



The bar has a good range of 8 ales, two Midlands house beers with the rest of the pumps devoted to guests.  In front of the pumps you can spot around a shots worth of beer being used to help customers identify light from dark etc – I’ve never seen this used before, I wonder how many customers try to drink these and whether it reduces the number of tasters handed out?!

At the bar

At the bar

Atmosphere was pretty good with a nice buzz of happy people enjoying a night out. It’s always going to be on the warm side being underground which could get a bit stuffy in summertime. Beer wise it was good too – though I didn’t get around to trying anything in a bottle, which is a big selling point.

It’s nice to see Birmingham growing a beer scene, especially as demand has grown so much it’s often impossible to get into The Wellington around the corner. Definitely worth a visit.


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