An Italian Job for Pigs Ear

With just a week to go now until Pigs Ear 2011, here’s some more information from the festival organisers…

Italy now boasts 350-plus new craft brewers – many producing exceptional Real Ales – Birra Artiginale.  They are a testimony to the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci’s land.  They combine, as he did, artistic ingenuity and scientific innovation.  Italy is a beer backwater no longer.

The marvel of Birra Artiginale is in innovative approaches to traditional beer styles.  The Pig’s Ear and Cider Festival is delighted to offer 8 draught Italian ales demonstrating such approaches.  This is the first time so large a number of Italian cask Real Ales has been available in Britain!

The Festival is to be held at the Round Chapel in Hackney from Tuesday December 6 until and including Saturday December 10.  It will, however, celebrate British genius as well as Italian genius.  It demonstrates the thrilling reality of Britain’s Micro-Breweries winning more and more drinkers for our classic native Real Ale.  Produced by proud independents, they’re all individual as well as great-tasting.  In 1980 there were about a dozen Micro-Breweries – now Britain has over 800 offering some 3,000 Real Ales.

Showcasing London Ales

The Festival will have some 140 draught ales from 104 selected Micro-Breweries.  Festival Organiser, Derek Jones, says: “We are especially proud to showcase 31 Beers from 16 London newcomers such as East London Brewing of Leyton and Redemption of Tottenham.  Among the other exciting London Micro-breweries to feature will be Kernel of Southwark – winner of the 2010 Beer of the Festival Award.  London was once one of the world’s great brewing centres and we enthusiastically welcome this renaissance.”

In addition there will be an exceptional selection of Bottled and Foreign Beers and the noted Cider and Perry Bar featuring artisan producers – plus Food Stalls and Pub Games.  The Festival’s opening hours are Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Noon-22.30: Friday and Saturday Noon-23.00.

The Pig’s Ear Beer and Cider Festival is being organised by the East London and City (ELAC) Branch of the Campaign For Real Ale (CAMRA).  Its Chairman, John Pardoe, adds: “This will be our sixth successive year in Hackney and the Festival has seen numbers attending grow to record levels.  We’re confident 2011 will be equally successful especially as the Round Chapel is so easily reached by train and bus.”

For further information please leave a message below or get in touch via with thanks to Bill Green of East London and City CAMRA for the information above.


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