East London Brewing Company

It’s an exciting time for beer and brewing in East London.  Hot on the heels of London Fields and Redchurch breweries, September will see the opening of the East London Brewing Company:  a brand new 10 barrel plant tucked away in a corner of an industrial estate in Lea Bridge (the flat bit between Clapton and Baker Arms).


The brewing plant - hot liquor tub, mash tun and copper

The journey of the East London Brewing Company began back in November last year when Stuart decided to take the plunge and quit his job in chemical R&D to pursue something more fulfilling.  Joined by his wife Claire, who has a background in marketing and communication, they began the process of hashing out the plan for the new business.  After a long search, which took in an awful lot of railway arches, they settled on their chosen location in June this year.

Stu and Fermentation Vessel

Stuart explains the 'joys' of fermination

Initially, Stuart is planning to concentrate on two beers – a Pale Ale at 4.0% and ‘Foundation Bitter’ at 4.2%, with the latter due to depart the brewery for the first time early next week. Brewing 3 to 4 batches each month the focus is on a small amount of crafted, quality beers.

Confirmed pubs on the delivery route at the time of writing are as follows:

And the beer? Well, it would be rude to visit a brewery without sampling it’s wares! Whilst the beer was still quite ‘green’ (very early in secondary fermentation – i.e. not really ready yet) it was rather tasty, I’m looking forward to sampling a pint from the tap in the next few weeks.


Casks. Coming to a pub near you!

For more information take a look at www.eastlondonbrewing.com or follow them on twitter (@eastlondonbrew) for up to the minute news.

Definitely something to keep an eye out for.

With thanks to Stuart, Claire and Richard Pearce for organising the trip to the brewery.


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