London Fields Brewery

One of the four breweries to open this summer in East London is London Fields Brewery and on Wednesday this week they threw open the doors to their glorious railway arch and said hello.


A keen brewer hands me a sample of Brew 'LF9'

This event was billed a ‘media focused small launch to try a few beers where anyone was welcome: the crowds did come and not just your stereotypical CAMRA types – it was an enjoyably chaotic event, even if this meant I didn’t actually get to properly meet t brewers.


Soaking up the atomosphere

So the important bit – the beer. With 5 on offer to taste at various stages of brewing there was a fair amount to think about.

LF1 – their first brew, a take on a hoppy IPA using Moteuka and Nelson Sauvin hops.  Personally I didn’t care for this much, it was extremely bitter and I hope that future brews are either slightly stronger or better balanced.

LF3 – Ian’s take on something a bit like Landlord. Very malty and sweet.

LF4 – A light citrusy ‘Session Ale’. I liked this one the most, it was possibly a little bitter for a session beer but the flavours were reasonably balanced. This one had only been in the cask for about 1 week so will probably develop – ale usually has at least 2 weeks or so in a cask for it’s second fermentation.

LF5 – Jule’s take on something golden, a bit like Exmoor’s Gold. This one smelled really nice but wasn’t too distinctive for me on taste.

LF9 – Known as ‘Love not War’ as it was brewed during the recent London disturbances, this hadn’t even left the mash tun yet at the end of it’s first fermentation! Despite this it was rather tasty and I’m looking forward to sampling this in a pub one day!


Still busy!

We didn’t get to taste the lager they have been talking about on twitter but proper lager does take a few weeks to make!

More information is available via their website, and there’s also an interview available on the Yeah! Hackney blog.


Tasty beer


The proper launch party will be Saturday 27th to Monday 29th August from 11am to 11pm at the brewery – 374 Helmsley Place E8 3SB. There will be 5 ales on sale, as well as the first appearance of their lager.


2 thoughts on “London Fields Brewery

  1. I went for an hour or so on the Monday and tried a few of what was left (LF1, LF9 and one other) and I’m afraid all were underwhelming.

    The lager came on sale whilst we were there – probably the best of the lot although it was very cold.

    I also took away six bottles – all bottle conditioned – had the LF9 last night. Taste was OK but the conditioning was minimal and it was a touch on the flat side.

    Hopefully these are all teething problems and they’ll improve over time.

    On their website it says “All Set to Become East Londons Leading Brewery!” (sic).

    Not yet I’m afraid…

    • Mmmm – I agree on the statement, it’s always going to be premature calling yourself a ‘leading brewery’ when you’re brand new!

      I haven’t heard of anywhere having the beer on tap yet, will be interesting to see how it compares.

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