Redchurch Brewery Preview at Mason & Taylor

Empty glasses

Redchurch launch - glasses ready for the brew

I should probably have done a little research before writing this; I’d love to be able to tell you that East London is going through a brewing renaissance but not knowing what when before, renaissance might not be the correct word. Whatever the clichéd pre-amble, East London is seeing a massive expansion in the number of breweries.  Last year we had just Brodies and Ha’penny. By the end of summer 4 new arrivals will have joined the scene – the first of these to launch is Redchurch of Bethnal Green.

This week I was lucky enough to find out about their preview launch at Mason & Taylor held on Wednesday 20th July which gave me amble opportunity for a chat with Gary Ward, Brewer.

Gary & Evin

Gary with Evin of Kernel Brewery

Just off Redchurch St (hence the name), Gary has a 10 barrel plant and plans for range of bottled beers primarily for a market in pub/bar and restaurants in East London. Given the recent fuss about Brewdog and GBBF, I asked about cask and keg – Redchurch will be supplying mostly bottles but with the occasional craft keg for special occasions, much along the Kernel model by the sounds of things.

The preview beer (bottle conditioned) was a proper Pale Ale, known as RB1.

RB1 - taster

A taster of the East End

With Galena and Citra hops, it’s quite a fruity nose.  Citra is a bit of a ‘bandwagon hop’ if such a thing exists – but as Gary explained, the Galena hop brings a balance to the beer so it isn’t all in your face grapefruit. Nose-wise I found it difficult to pick out any particular flavours, though I was led towards pineapple by a helpful friend. Taste-wise, a balanced relatively easy to drink beer. A little hazy perhaps, but that is always going to happen with bottle conditioned craft beer – it’s a live product!

According to the brewery website there’s 30 days until the launch proper – so I reckon bottles should start to hit the shelves just before the August Bank Holiday.

For more information check out and @redchurchbrewer

* * * * * * * *

As mentioned – there are several other breweries due to open this summer. Look out for news from @LdnFldsBrewery@EastLondonBrew and @HackneyBrewery


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