Pembury Tavern, Hackney

This week sees the return of the beer festival at the Pembury Tavern.

I do like the Pembury, a lot.

I’m not sure whether it’s the fact the till system warns the staff when casks are getting low or it’s the easy going Hackney lo-fi not quite hipster clientele, or that there’s usually no queue because the bar is enormous.

Whatever it is I like, it’s my refuge of choice when I happen to be in Hackney.

Looking down the bar

Looking down the bar

The bar has 15 cask pumps and a handful for keg, with Milton’s of Cambridge being the house beer, typically occupying up to 2/3rds the bar. The atmosphere often buzzing in here – it’s all conversation, as there’s no piped music.

Some punters. Not of the Cambridge kind

Some punters. Not of the Cambridge kind

The festival? Well that sees the number of beers increase by way of a second bar and stillage taking over a corner of the pub, raising the number of beers available at anyone time to around 25. There’s certainly a lot of choice! Over the course of the rest of the week (the festival lasts until Sunday) there’ll be over 50 different beers available, supplemented by more than 10 ciders.

Comfortably busy

Comfortably busy

Downsides? There’s no limit to your card spend so it can get rather expensive!

You can find out more about the Pembury on their website, or see when beers change by watching via twitter! It’s also one of a handful of pubs still to keep a Bar Billiards table which I’d definitely recommend a play on if the table doesn’t already have a long queue…


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