Craft Beer Co, Clerkenwell


Craft Beer Co, Leather Lane

This week also saw the opening of the Craft Beer Co on Leather Lane, Clerkenwell. Run by the same people as CASK down in Pimlico, it promises to be a beer lovers dream – 16 cask ales, 21 keg beers and more fridges than a small supermarket. On opening night (Wednesday 29th June) it was *very* busy!

Ale tariff

Ale tariff

Price-wise, there are a few stingers out their particularly on the keg side where you’re more likely to find something obscure – Jon managed to get stung – £7.20 £7.90 for a pint of Kernel Black IPA. I’d say £3.70 / pint is a little above average even for London, for an up to 5% beer. Hopefully the quality will keep in line with the prices – I’d certainly be upset with a duff pint at that price. Still, on opening night both beers sampled were excellent and served unusually for London in lined glasses, ensuring a full pint and a nice bit of head.

Pies & Scotch eggs

Snack away

A trend for brown bar snacks also seems to be a London thing right now too. No bad thing; continental drinking include food right? Café culture the British way!


Gratiuitous barmaid shot

For me it feels like a special occasion pub but it will of course form a stop on the emerging Hatton Garden pub crawl. There’s a dearth of excellent pubs in Clerkenwell right now, well worth a look.


3 thoughts on “Craft Beer Co, Clerkenwell

  1. Make that £7.90/pint for the Kernel! Still no answer from either the Craft Beer Co or Kernel themselves on quite why it should be so expensive. I love Kernel beers, and happy to pay a premium for a 6.9% beer, but that is truly excessive.

  2. Do they not just try to see what they can get away with? Rake pub charges £1 pint more for Sierra Nevada than other London pubs, but as long as punters pay up they will happily accept the cash!

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