Red Lion, Leytonstone

The Red Lion, Leytonstone

The Red Lion, Leytonstone

Resurrected from ‘the dead’ tonight (it was empty for quite a while after Zulus closed) is the Red Lion in Leytonstone. Brought back by Antic, this is the latest addition to East London.

Busy bar

Opening night - really busy!

Opening night was really busy – these photos were taken after the doors had been open barely two hours. With the crowds it was hard to take any proper photos – I’m sure I’ll get back in a few weeks.

Glove in shoe

Glove in shoe

Cask beer wise there’s a good selection, with Redemption currently representing local ale (Brodies apparently had an issue with their beer van!) alongside Truman’s, London Pride and Adnams. Reasonably priced at £3.10 per pint and served well on the opening night.

Busy bar

Still busy

It’s certainly nice to have somewhere new open this far east with enough ‘pretension’ that we can get a good beer in civilised surrounds. Is Leytonstone turning in to Shoreditch? Not yet…


9 thoughts on “Red Lion, Leytonstone

  1. Very much looking forward to a visit – I popped in last night on my way home but couldn’t stay for a beer. Nice to see it so busy. I’m sure demand is huge for a place like this in E11.

    Dunno about Shoreditch but they’ve been saying Leytonstone could be ‘the new Stoke Newington’ for years!

  2. Good opening night and the pub will if all goes to plan have much more to offer – Leytonstone needs to have something to attempt to revitalise – I would be very happy to see ity the eastern version of Stokey! You can keep Shoreditch!

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  4. Loving this pub, just getting better and better. It’s not cheap, but that’s the charm for me, full of people that want to be drinking somewhere nice, rather than those who just want to drink.

    Great music on the weekends, and the NYE party was really good.

    Need to try the food some time, looks really nice.

    Also very pleased to have a bar billiards table in East London! Great game, and great to play on a brand new table too.

  5. the Lion is a a wonderful pub.. It has breathed life into a gray and gruesome High Street. Great beer, great grub, great staff and a friendly eclectic crowd. So glad it’s opened.

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  7. I hadn’t been to The Red Lion since the days of The Chez Club in the early 70’s. Now it features a fine range of (usually) well kept real ales – BUT sadly ruined a weekend afternoons when it gets turned into a creche come “buggy park” but selfish 30 something parents. On the last two occasions when we have visited, we’ve fled after two drinks, to the peace and quiet of The North Star.

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