The Bowling Green, Manchester

The Bowling Green, Grafton St, Manchester

The Bowling Green

The Bowling Green was a regular haunt during my time in Manchester at University.  Sadly, it seems to be not much longer for this world.  A little off the beaten track for many students (i.e. about 20 metres away from Oxford Road!) it has suffered a bit from being out of view for many, despite trying many things – including unusual meats, such as Kudu.

Kev at the bar

Kev at the bar

The beer is usually in fine fettle – with three handpumps usually offering two beers.  On this last visit,  I found Lancaster Blonde alongside a regular, Hobgoblin. Even in it’s last throes, the pub still managed to get through 3 or 4 firkins a week – which maintained a quality pint. I guess it must have been the other beers that weren’t selling.

Beer on offer

Blonde or dark?

The fridges were usually stocked with all kinds of goodies, from Belgian ales through to speciality UK beers, such as Chocolate Tom from Robinsons. The latter, a blend of Old Tom and chocolate is worth a try, though not as good as their Ginger Tom in my opinion!

Chocolate Tom

Chocolate Tom

At the time of visiting it was pretty much certain the Bowling Green would close in the next couple of months.  If it looks open, pop in – it’s on Grafton St, Manchester and well worth a meander off the Oxford Road if you are in the area.

Date of Visit: 12/03/2011

Edit: 21/04 – I’ve been told the Bowling Green is now boarded up. Sorry folks!


6 thoughts on “The Bowling Green, Manchester

  1. That’s really sad news, this place was my local while at Uni. I guess it’s not really surprising though given it’s location and the number of cheap (crap beer) places nearby.

    I always heard that Kev had another pub nearer the uni but I can’t say I ever found it. Do you know it that one is still going?

  2. Yeah – Kev has the leasehold to the Ducie Arms on Lloyd St which is still going. I think it may open more frequently now the Bowling Green is doomed, so maybe it will survive… I’ve not been yet!

    • I’ll drop in the Ducie today at lunch time, it’s just around the corner from my office. Not been but mainly because I don’t think they do food, which is my main quest in my lunch break.

  3. The Bowling Green went wrong years ago when they knocked through the vault & the lounge. Chris (land lady) & Kev ran a great pub back in the day (mid to late 90s) but they left and it got taken over and the whole atmosphere changed.

    Friday night lock-ins playing killer darts & pool …. staggering out at 3 in the morning only to fall over the road into the Grafton hotel for that extra couple of pints!

  4. It all went wrong for “The Bowler” when the brewery decided to knock through the vault & the lounge into one big space.

  5. I regularly drank at the Bowling Green back in 1990ish. Pat, the landlord was a fine fellow who kept good beer and cider, and I was there on the last night when he locked the doors at closing time and told us all that the beer was now free until he ran out! Many happy memories (though perhaps not of the end of that evening!).

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