The Merchants Inn, Rugby

This post is very late:  it has sat in my drafts for over a month now. Sad times. At the very end of February, I had an out of London excursion to Rugby to go and watch one of the six nations matches. In a pub!  Not just any pub though – this is The Merchants Inn, in Rugby.

The Merchants

The Merchants

It was a regular haunt when I lived in Rugby and I’m glad to see it is still there and doing well.  It’s always been packed for the rugby matches – these days, they’ll hire you a booth and put a pin of beer on the table! It wasn’t always a pub – but over the last 6 years or so has become a part of Rugby and is definitely well set in.  The bar features a variety of ales and a large stock of bottled Belgian beers.  The décor includes many of the typical pub trinkets – mirrors, signs, pump clips and less usual, this bicycle.

Pub Bike!

Pub Bike!

On match day they’ll do you a 4 pint jug of Bateman’s XB. It’s not the most exciting beer in the world but it was served in excellent condition, even when poured from a jug and went down really well with the game. The atmosphere on match days is something special – hence the trip from London!  On a normal day it is still excellent, with the odd beer festival lurking around the seasons.

4 Pint Jug

4 Pint Jug of Bateman's XB

The Merchants is located just off Rugby’s main shopping street and well worth a visit if you happen to find yourself in the midlands…


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