Look Mum No Hands! Old St, EC1V

Look mum

Look mum no hands! - 49 Old St, EC1V

Look mum no hands! is not a regular bar and probably not somewhere often graced by your stereotypical CAMRA member.  It’s at the Clerkenwell end of Old St and towards the eastern edge of EC1.  As concepts go it works really well for the area – as well as being a fairly trendy cafe/bar it also serves as a very functional bicycle repair shop!


Blackboards of goodies

It also majors on the trendy food – a healthy selection of pies, as well as various other bits and pieces.

Beerwise the range was OK, with bottles of Bath Ales (Barnstormer and Dark Side) being offered at £3.60 a bottle. Sadly kept in the fridge but as the barmaid checked I would be happy with the Dark Side Stout I guess the clientele isn’t too discerning in the ale stakes at least.

Reading material

Reading material

Well, I was amused to see the variety in the reading material!

Apologies for the lack of interior shots, I didn’t get any great results with the compact camera… definitely worth a look in if you get about on two wheels.

Date of visit: 04/02/2011


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