The Duke of Wellington, Dalston

The Duke

The Duke, Dalston N1

Last week saw a Scottish beer festival rock up at The Duke of Wellington, N1 – it’s probably only 200m from E8 and so for me feels very much like this area could be called ‘East’. That’s my excuse anyway! For the purpose of this post, I’m going to refer to the area as Dalston, though it depending on which map you look at, this could also be Kingsland or De Belvoir Town.  Anyway, back to the pub.

It is pretty close to Dalston Junction and Dalston Kingsland stations which mean it’s practically on a tube line and so pretty easy to get to. Some (but not ample) cycle parking is provided.

Glass Cycle

Glass Cycle

On Sunday I chose to come by bike which rather limited the drinking somewhat – I chose just to sample a 1/2 pint as well as a bit of rehydration with a pint of soda & black (80p).

Rehydration meet dehydration

Rehydration meet dehydration

Serve in the petite margot,  is Kelburn’s Dark Moor (£1.65 / half, £3.30 pint)*.  The tasting notes list it as a traditional old ale – which I could go along with. It wasn’t overly sour but it was warming and I could get the liquorice after taste.  Not much in the way of bitterness provided by the hops, a pleasant half. Luckily, I did go by train on Thursday as well.  However… I didn’t keep any notes! From what I remember the beer was in very good condition. I do recall really enjoying the Inveralmond ‘Lia Fail’, a dark 4.7% – proper winter beer, so with looking out for.

Next please!

Next please!

Overall verdict – a very enjoyable festival and I hope to return again soon.

Dates of visit: 27/01/2011 & 30/01/2011

For anyone looking for a Beer Festival in London this weekend, the Snooty Fox, Canonbury, N1, helpfully provides us with ‘Hit the North‘.

*without CAMRA discount


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