On tour – Ale t’rail part II

After Dewsbury, we had a longer journey onto Leeds.

Wetherspoons, Leeds Station

In retrospect this was probably an unnecessary addition. Leeds is further from Dewsbury than I thought and it’s a good 40 minutes from Sowerby Bridge, the next stop. Still, the Wetherspoons in the station is located in the fairly recently restored art-deco wing of the station in an annex.  The beer was well kept (Oakhams Raucous Reindeer) and the atmosphere quite pleasant.  As it was rush hour there was a steady stream of people flowing through but not too may we couldn’t sit down and take it all in.

Chris over coffee

Chris / coffee

With the rush hour crowds diminished somewhat by the holiday break, we took a peak hour train out to Sowerby Bridge our final station stop.

The Jubilee Refreshment Rooms, Sowerby Bridge

The jubilee refreshment rooms in the old station building at Sowerby Bridge are quite different.

Jubilee Refreshment Rooms

Jubilee Refreshment Rooms

Part bar, part café, the bar definitely had a feel more of the latter. The newest venue on our route (it opened late 2009) it retains a lot of it’s new feel. The beer was excellent (Elland’s Maximum Darkness and Acorn’s Burning Balls sampled) along with some wonderfully weird Yorkshire Sauce crisps. An oddity was the bar controlled access to the toilets – something I’ve encountered at the Doric Arch, Euston but not quite what I expected out in the countryside!

The Counter

The Counter

And then for the final jaunt back over the hills into Lancashire again for the very final stop, off the rails into the Red Lion, Littleborough.

Red Lion, Littleborough

When I lived at my parents house this was my local. It might be 2½ miles away from home across a fair hill but back then there was a bus. We were probably the only passengers back then, it stopped running after 6pm when I moved to uni! It’s a proper northern local ‘wet’ pub – plenty of real beers, pub games and some real characters.  Perhaps, in spite of this you might think, it was here I came to really appreciate Belgian beers and Whisky. There’s usually a good 4 or 5 ales on – including one served through a pump with a clear chamber so you can guess the style of beer. They’ve been serving draught kreik for a very long time (at least since 2003ish…) Beer wise on this occasion I opted for Cottage Rocket from the see-thru pump, noted only as light brown. Ah the wonder of exquisite description!

Glass Arrow

Glass Arrow

A most excellent day out – I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone with a taste for ale in the Manchester area. You’ll need this ticket.

Date of visits: 30/12/2010


2 thoughts on “On tour – Ale t’rail part II

  1. Looks like a good tour! I’m not sure if I want to imagine what a Yorkshire Sauce crisp is like. First time I’ve seen your blog, you might be able to make some suggestions for my year long quest to visit all good pub guide pubs in the London section of the 2011 good pub guide. Looks like there are a few gems in East London.

    • FYI – Yorkshire Sauce is not too much different to Worcestershire sauce (to my tastebuds at least!).

      There are many great pubs in East London – enjoy your quest! A difficult one to tick off is Leyton Orient Supporters Association – keep an eye out on the ELAC CAMRA twitter feed for special events…

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