Schooner, mate?

Today the Government announced a few changes to the rules regarding the sale of alcohol (and bread). After the changes, licensed premises will be able to sell wine in measures under 75ml, beers can be sold in ‘schooners’ which are two-thirds of a pint while fortified wine will be able to be sold in smaller sizes of 50ml and 70ml.

Science Minister David Willetts said:

“This is exactly the sort of unnecessary red tape the government wants to remove.

“No pub or restaurant should break the law by selling a customer a sample of wine.

If it’s so easy to change, then why can’t we remove the ridiculous restriction that ONLY allows the sale of draught beer in nips (thirds), half pints and pints (or multiples thereof)?

The best way to enjoy a proper continental lager is to serve it properly – which for most lagers means a proper head – which in turn means a proper glass.


Staropramen - in a proper glass

Now I guess the 68ml difference between 500ml and 1pt probably doesn’t make that much of a difference, but why can’t bars choose to sell in 500ml increments and use authentic glasses if they want to?


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