Mason & Taylor, E1

Mason & Taylor

Mason & Taylor - Bethnal Green Road, E1

Mason & Taylor is East London’s newest bar. Located just up Bethnal Green road from Shoreditch High St station in a former restaurant building, it is just into the east proper.

Mason & Taylor


Fittingly for the times, the interior is quite austere,  with wooden chairs that wouldn’t look out of place in a 1950s school.  Neither is there a false ceiling, with all the building elements exposed inside it gives a very simple pleasing atmosphere. Of course, the real focus is the beer.


Beer - Darkstar Hophead

The house beer is Darkstar Hophead (£3.20 per pint) and for the opening the Thornstar hybrid along with a Pictish beer appeared on the remaining 2 or the 3 handpumps.  To compliment the ales, there are 8 keg taps ranging from Bitburger German Pils to the local Camden brewery’s Helles beer (unavailable on Friday). Lastly a vast range of bottled beers are on offer – 40 featuring British Ales, Belgian, German, Dutch, American… Several London breweries are featuring including Camden, Kernel, Brodies and Meantime. Interestingly within the beer menu beers are not categorised by type but by style and taste – this could be a very good move for the less adventurous as the bitters and lagers are all mixed in together.

Beer Menu

The Beer Menu

Prices range from £3.20 pp to £4.80 pp depending on the beer, with most bottles priced around £4. There is also a food menu…

Mason and Taylor opens on Monday 13 December.

Date of visit 10/12/2010


3 thoughts on “Mason & Taylor, E1

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  2. I visited last Thursday and was given a dark beer by the guy behind the bar. His recommendation so I went with it. He could have told me it was a dark beer before pouring it out. I haven’t had dark beer for a long time. Since a trip to Ufleku in Prgaue, I think. I am not a fan of it normally and I don’t think I will ever be fanatical about it either. I wish I had gone with my own instincts and not let the barman talk me into drinking what to me tsated like luke warm tar at a cost of £4.00 for a half pint. I would visit again and won’t be put off but was annoyed with myself for allowing somebody to talk me into buying something I didn’t want. The bar seems pleasant enough and well situated for Brick Lane.

    • Hi Mark,

      Shame about that – my experience has been quite good so far, though wasn’t hugely impressed with the waitress service last time I popped in. Seemed a little bit unnecessary when people were queuing at the bar as well! For choosing a beer this is probably one of the better places – the beer menu is divided by style so you can easily pick up something attuned to your tastes rather than the barman’s – personally I tend prefer the dark stuff!

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