Cafe Kick

What can I get you sir?

What can I get you sir?

The second bar I visited on Saturday was Cafe Kick on Exmouth Market. Not the kind of place I would instinctively search out, not being a football fan in the slightest however this wasn’t too much of a draw back.  A converted shop, the bar is full of football related trinkets including 3 table football tables which make for good fun. No ale available tonight, but plenty of bottled foreign beers of interest.

Sagres vs Super Bock

Sagres vs Super Bock

Still, there was a great atmosphere – (being a footie place it could easily have gone so badly wrong!) – but the Latin-American influence definitely helped. Midway through the evening I switched to the a Mojito. A bit fruity for me really so I went back to the beer! Definitely worth visiting, though not somewhere I’d go too often – a range of ales is much more to my tastes…

Date of visit: 20/11/2010


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