Euston Tap

Euston Tap

Euston Tap - from the bus station

Last week saw the opening of the Euston Tap. By Wednesday I’d found an excuse to check it out, meeting a friend arriving from the north for the LCD Soundsystem gig! The Euston tap is ideally placed so I can see it become a regular rendezvous point. Built into one of the former ‘gatehouses’ of the earlier Euston station, largely demolished in the early 1960s, it’s a neat setting for a craft beer house.

Euston Taps

Euston tap - alongside a list of places formerly served by rail from Euston

Moving inside, the bar is a fairly small affair with the fridges containing most of the beer to the side. It’s deceptively small – via a spiral staircase you can access a mezzanine floor with more tables and chairs (though I never made it upstairs, my friend did) providing plenty of space.

The Bar: Euston Tap

The bar

So onto the beer… The main attraction is, of course, the beer wall –  7 cask taps and many keg taps offering a selection from English ales through continental lagers via the fruit laden lambics of the lowlands.  It is certainly the first place I have seen to have draught Peche (peach lambic) on offer.

Euston Tap

Mirror and beer wall

Adjacent to the beer wall are two fridges expanding the range even further. Sadly I had time for just a half pint (Bath ales – Ginger Hare – lovely beer well served!) so I haven’t had chance to check out anything but the cask.  Price wise I was impressed – two half pints came to around £3.30, which given the nature of the products available is pretty reasonable – I’d expect to pay around £3 /pint in Euston anyway.


A fridge full of cool joy

Apparently next week they get a coffee machine – but I think, personally, I’d  save my next trip for the evening ready to take in some more of the beer. I’m already looking for another excuse to pop in…


5 thoughts on “Euston Tap

  1. Yes, this is definatley a place I’ll be using when in the area. I visited last Monday and was equally impressed. You do need to be very aware of the prices though – one beer will apparently always be a very reasonable £2:70 a pint. Others (rarer or stronger ones) can be as much as £8:50 a pint. There is just the one toilet cubicle upstairs, which will be fun on busy nights.

    • Yes you do have to be careful to read what is on offer and the prices – I think on my last visit they were selling Brewdog Paradox – at c. 10% ABV it came in around £8 per pint! But… would you really want a pint through?

      Also… I’m not convinced the fridges are properly located for ‘revenue protection’, if you know what I mean!

  2. Brewdog Paradox was £2.80 a half when I was there last night. I think the priciest was one of the US imports – either Dogfish Head 90-minute IPA at £3.30 or the one written up on the other blackboard that I can’t quite remember (I just remember scanning the list and thinking it was pricey…_

    That was the only problem for me – I could only see half the menu properly and when the place got busier I had no chance of moving round the bar – maybe they could do with printed A4 price-lists as well?

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