Piglet 11

Beer & menu

Beer and menu

Thursday and Friday last week saw the 11th Piglet beer festival at the Leyton Orient Supporters bar.  The Orient is well known for it’s real ale, serving 4-5 different beers on match days and being able to keep a quality pint.  Piglet sees the range extended with the addition of a second bar and 25-30 beers on offer. Unlike many CAMRA festivals, it’s free entry for all and you don’t need to buy a glass. Price per pint is a very reasonable £2.60 (or £1.30 for a half) as well!

The Orient also has a tradition of providing some proper pub grub – pickled onions and sandwiches which were enjoyed by everyone that got their mitts on one!

Jon with sandwich

Jon is ready for a snack

About the beers… I ended up having 5 half pints as number 4 was quickly abandoned after the first couple of sips!

1. Ginger Swan, Swan Brewery (Maidstone Kent) <– gingery, light and palatable. Could have easily had a whole pint.

2. Gravediggers Mild, Church End (Nuneaton, Warks) <– nice, dark, mild.

3. Coffin Dodger, Northumberland (Bedlington, Northumberland)

4. Gunners Daughter, Old Cannon (Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk) <– abandoned! quite sulphurous from what I remember

5. Ebony Moon, Tonbridge (Tonbridge, Kent) <– lovely dark beer, not quite porter or stout but strong flavoured enough to wipe out no 4.

6. London Particular Ruby, Ha’penny (Ilford, Essex) <– a little flat, but lovely dark bitter. Lots of caramel and toffee as per the tasting notes.

Our table also decided the Cuerden Pale (Cureden, Hebdon Bridge W. Yorks) as one to avoid, though I can’t quite remember why. A good time was had by all.


We’re already planning to attend Piglet 12 on the 3rd and 4th of March 2011.

Full set of photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/grimnorth/tags/piglet11/


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