Yetman’s Stout

Yetman’s Stout, originally uploaded by Alan Perryman.

It’s been ages since I did a ‘straight’ beer tasting post or even thought about writing about beer. I guess that’s the delight of working in the public sector awaiting a spending review, anyway, I digress.

This is a bottle I picked up in Holt, Norfolk. I saw it in one shop in Weybourne as well – not sure it even made it as far as Sheringham! It’s bottle conditioned (yep with yeast dregs and everything) and the labels are very simple. This I like!

A helpful label on the back tells me that Golding and TA 200 hops are used and that I should get a creamy, dry, full bodied taste with a toasted malted nose.

It certainly doesn’t disappoint. I can pick up the toasted but not totally roasted malt. To me, it smells a little creamy – very sweet. The dry, toasted malt comes across a lot on the taste – it’s not super ‘burnt’ like a porter but pleasantly bitter and warming.

Just the thing to wash down the spending review with!


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