Ford Madox Brown, Rusholme

The Ford Madox Brown, Rusholme

The Ford Madox Brown, Rusholme

The Ford Madox Brown is a pretty regular Manchester haunt for me these days.  It’s cheap and halfway between two good friends flats’. It opened just after I left university in 2007 (I seem to recall anyway…) and this led me to think over a coffee on Saturday afternoon, would uni have been any different had it have been there?

It’s an enormous pub and usually pretty busy though I’ve never struggled to get a table.  The Whitworth opposite is still open despite being small and around a quid more per pint.

Well, would it have been any different?

Probably not, after all there is always the Wetherspoons/Lloyds ‘Great Central’ in Fallowfield so it’s not like the cheapness really enticed us in.

The light from the dark

The light from the dark

The one thing I would say is that natural light doesn’t really get in. It’s under a giant block of student flats – no windows other those at the front which doesn’t do a right lot for the atmosphere.

The beer is good enough though, if you do like drinking in the dark!


2 thoughts on “Ford Madox Brown, Rusholme

  1. The Whitworth may still be open, but it is now ‘The Whitworth on the Park Cafe Bar’, and sells paninis and not as many ales, and all the ales are overpriced.

  2. Damn! I remember the ales being a bit on the pricey side but nothing like the Bull Shed or the Brunswick in Picadilly. At least it isn’t closed though…

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