The Ackhorne, York

The Ackhorne public house York

The Ackhorne, York

After walking round the walls to the South before heading towards the centre, Rodge and I stumbled upon this place in the tiny St Martin’s lane. A good range of beers and a nice large expansive pub – I went for a pint of Yorkshire Warrior:

A pint of Yorkshire Warrior

The 'Yorkshire Warrior'

Which was nice! The inside of the pub featured old drawings of cavaliers and roundheads plus the usual pub trickets of old bottles, jugs and tankards.

Inside the Ackhorne public house, York

Inside the Ackhorne, York

Just before we left, our area of the pub was invaded by a gaggle of girls (well, women) who were pretty much all drinking pints of bitter! They didn’t look like proper CAMRA types though as their conversation steered to Grade 2 architecture maybe they were after all. No photos (because I am a bit of a wuss) but there are more photos on flickr.


One thought on “The Ackhorne, York

  1. If you wanted photo’s you should have let me know Alan! I’m not shy about these things, and if any of them thought me pervy I can just flash the wedding ring 😉

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