York Brewery, York

York Brewery

York Brewery - visited with Rodge

I started a long August bank holiday with an excursion to York.  It’s a long way from London (c. 2 hours on the train), but I wanted to catch up with a school friend (Rodge), wander around a bit and of course find some new pubs.

The York Brewery was first on our agenda in the early afternoon, arriving in time for the 2pm tour. £6 gets you a pint (or two halves if you want to be proper Yorkshire and try more things on the cheap – DONE!), a guide around the 720 gal brew plant and the chance to munch on a few kinds of malt to learn a bit about how beer gets it’s flavour.

The Brewery Tap

The brewery tap bar

The brewery tap bar was staffed by very friendly, knowledgeable staff keen to make your visit enjoyable. The bar was well stocked – Constantine, Guzzler, Centurion Ghost, Blonde and Yorkshire Terrier all on offer and all conditioned well. Favourite for both of us was the ‘Ghost’ which had lots of chocolate malt but not erring too far into the stout territory – nice easy drinking, though at c. 5% potentially lethal! Through a combination of halves and swapping we saw all 5 off, with the Yorkshire Terrier a contender for runner up.



Well worth a visit – just 10 minutes walk around the walls from York Station. Of course, there are more photos on flickr.


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