Olde Rose and Crown, Walthamstow

Olde Rose and Crown

Olde Rose and Crown, Hoe St

A large theatre pub around 5 minutes walk north of Walthamstow Central station.  Lots of pub games and a large range of beer – listed under E17 as part of Good Beer Guide 2010.  I popped in on a Sunday afternoon – there was a fair crowd in providing atmosphere (along with a fairly good range of music on the jukebox).

Inside ye olde rose and crown, Walthamstow

Inside ye olde rose and crown, Walthamstow

The beer seemed fresh but it was far too cold! – Ale should be at cellar temperature (c. 12ºC) not as cold as continental lager. Not only are the flavours lost but it develops a ‘chill haze’ – I don’t know why, but I would imagine it’s to do with the kind yeast used and the fact it’s the opposite yeast to Lager.

A cold pint

A cold pint...needs warming up a little.

The local CAMRA branch do meet in here quite often though – so maybe I was just unlucky? Otherwise a nice pub and not too much of a trek away from transport links.


3 thoughts on “Olde Rose and Crown, Walthamstow

  1. Ashamedly, I had to admit we didn’t mention it to the staff at the time – though I doubt there is a lot you can do if the cellar is too cold!

    Still, definitely one of the better pubs in Walthamstow Central.

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