Stanley Arms, Anderton

The Stanley Arms public house Anderton near Northwich

The Stanley Arms, Anderton

Situated just above (and round the corner) from the Anderton lift, this pub is ideally placed to rake in the canalside trade – in fact it even had it’s own private moorings all full as we sailed past.  The building is well kept and from the outside the smoked glass actually reads ‘Stanley Vaults Arms’.  A games room can be found off to one side.

The smoke room

Smoke room

A large proportion of the pub is devoted to the food sales.  As we had already well brunched and weren’t interested in food this mean we were confined to the relatively small ‘public’ bar.  3 ales on offer: John Smith’s cask, Jenning’s Cumberland and Moorlands/GK Old Speckled Hen.  First up was the Cumberland which I found to be a bit of a disappointment. Not enough to send back, but a little hazy and with a nasty ‘next morning nose’. A 2nd pint – Smiths this time was perfectly fine if expectedly bland.

Smiths in Mono

Smiths in Mono


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