The George, Wanstead

The George public house Wanstead

The George, Wanstead

The George is Wanstead’s Wetherspoon’s pub. Set back from the High St, over the road from Wanstead tube it’s mostly obscured by some trees.  Inside, it’s a huge pub – with a variety of ‘rooms’, booths and an open plan upstairs area. There’s even two bars…

I find Wetherspoons divides CAMRA somewhat. The beer is always very cheap – £1.99 for most pints of ale – and in this age of health concious where cheap drinking is frowned upon that doesn’t sit well with many.  Beer can also be quite variable across the chain, though that more likely just to be a reflection of the capabilities of the cellar man. But on the plus side you can be guaranteed of a pint at least and fairly standardised food wherever you can find one.

The George doesn’t disappoint on the beer front. There’s at least 10 ales pumps, along with the standard ‘spoons range of exotic bottles.

Marvellous Maple Mild - a beer by Brentwood brewery

Marvellous Maple Mild

Marvellous Maple Mild – sampled on my last visit, this was a good pint. Mild is much maligned but even in this hot weather a nice *cool* pint of mild works a treat. As is the George – worth a look if you’re in town.

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