Target drunks not drinking

The Observer yesterday carried a story about Doctors urging the banning of alcohol on all public transport.

The doctor who proposed the move happened to get on a train with people who were drunk who were loud and obnoxious? They were probably like that when the got on – why do the majority of sensible people have to lose out to the majority?

Having travelled first class on a number of occasions with Virgin Trains – who give out free alcohol at peak times no less – I’ve never seen behaviour like that. But I have in standard class a few times and usually they were people who were drunk already not drinking. If I have a long train journey why, as a rational adult shouldn’t I be allowed to take pleasure in having a drink? I do understand the need for controls whenever the footie hooligans are travelling around but please don’t lump everyone into that category (and again whenever they’ve caused me grief they’ve been drunk not drinking too!)

And I still see people drinking on the tube and the bus in London…


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