Brewdog Launch at Cask

As I posted, rather abruptly live from Cask on Wednesday I went to a Brewdog launch event. Billy’s put a proper write up on his most excellent bbblog but I have a few extra things to add!

The main event was the Abstrakt:02.


Abstrakt:02 - 1/3rd of a pint

This is an 18% red ale… and since I’ve already vaguely described it, I’ll leave it at that because later that evening the guys from Brewdog brought out samples of Sink the Bismarck, pictured next to a standard Brewdog pint (possibly ‘The Physics’ or ‘5AM Saint’…)

Beer & Sink the Bismark

Beer & Sink the Bismarck

At 41% a shot is all you really want. It’s quite sticky, sweet but still retains many of it’s beer qualities. My first thought was that this was simply beer concentrate to which you could add water to taste!!

Brewdog beers are appearing more frequently around London now so worth trying out – they aren’t all mentally strong…so do check them out. I haven’t found a favourite yet though!


2 thoughts on “Brewdog Launch at Cask

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