The Wagon and Horses, Halesowen

The Wagon and Horses, Halesowen is rather more off the beaten track compared to most of the places I go to. Halesowen is 7 miles down the Hagley Road from Birmingham – that’s quite a long bus ride.

The Wagon and Horses public house Halesowen

The Wagon and Horses

Again a very friendly place – the local couple smoking outside couldn’t resist having their photo taken…

Friendly locals outside the Wagon and Horses, Halesowen

Friendly locals! - Not a local pub for local people after all!

Back to the beer, this place has great choice of 15 ales on draught, many local to the black country (an industrial area to the west of Birmingham). Being 7 miles out of the city pints are cheaper too – £2.60 to £2.80 is about normal here. This pub is special for it’s ‘wonkiness’ – at one end of the bar the floor level is on the grade, in line with the side road!

Inside the Wagon and Horses public house Halesowen

Inside the Wagon and Horses - look for the table on the grade!

This part of the world is famous for it’s pork scratchings (also known as hog lumps!) which make an excellent accompaniment to a pint. Of course they aren’t especially healthy…

Pork scratchings and a pint of beer

Hog Lumps and Hoppy Beer

Beer from this part of the world is usually quite hoppy – which works well with the scratchings. Again another place one could spend a while in trying various half pints – if you can brave the bus ride!

* * *

Travel Tip: National Express West Midlands do a 5 adult day ticket on their buses. It was £6.50 on our trip (just £1.30 each!) but it’s probably going to go up anytime now…


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