The Wellington, Birmingham

The Wellington, Birmingham is one of my favourite pubs in the country. It scores major points on beers, location and friendliness – I don’t know many other places that positively encourage you to bring your own food into their pub, providing plates and cutlery to do so! Being around the corner from New St and Snow Hill rail stations it’s an easy stroll when hometime finally comes – but with a choice of 16 ales, 3 ciders/perries and some quality lager (i.e. brewed off this island) it’s a place you can stay all evening without want for anything else.

The Wellington public house, Birmingham

The Wellington

The beer is always well kept and the staff are jolly – and seem to appreciate their products too! This being ‘mild May’ – finished with an excellent pint of Oakham’s Midnight Mild.

Oakham Ales - Midnight Mild pump clip

Oakham Ales - Midnight Mild

Another great feature is the beer board – as there are 16 ales available, each pump is numbered for easy bar tendering. The board also gives you the strength, colour and price of the pint.

Behind the bar at the Wellington

Behind the bar at the Wellington

The only thing missing is the beer count – they used to count how many different kinds of beer sold that year. I guess with 16 available most of the time they just lost count!


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