Bengal Lancer

India pale ale (IPA) was a style of beer first made popular when the UK had appropriated India. It was beer that was designed – specially created so that it would last the long sea voyage without spoiling. This however, is not usually the IPA you find today… brands such as Caledonian IPA with their low alcohol content at c. 4% would probably not weather the storm too well. Still, some brewers look towards the original IPA style.

Fullers Bengal Lancer, at 5.3% is back towards the echelons of a real IPA. Strong but not too overpowering, heavily hopped to provide it with longevity for the trip. To me it doesn’t smell of much – but it does make up for that on taste (weirdly as I remember learning at school taste is basically smell!). It’s very bitter and on a lovely day its very refreshing.

A bottle of Fuller's bengal lancer, sat on the window ledge

Bengal lancer 'basking' in the spring sunset


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