St Peter's Mild

I’m going to start with a mild, very appropriate for “mild May” (as promoted by CAMRA). Mild is a much maligned style of beer particularly with younger drinkers who assume mild means dull. I can assure you it does not!

This brew, from St Peter’s in Suffolk, has a treacle smell and a very sweet taste. This is a dark mild, with a reddish glow under the light. It’s quite bitter and at 3.7% is towards the upper boundaries of a mild strength-wise. This would be a nice session beer – at least one pub in London (Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell) will do a draft pint of most of the St Peter’s beers, including the mild, which is worth a look.

Very pleasant drinking and nicely presented in the ‘flat’ green bottle. This one came from Waitrose at the reasonable price of £1.62…


One thought on “St Peter's Mild

  1. If you ever find yourself in northern Suffolk, go along to their brewery.. they do a great brewery tour (and tasters of ALL their beers, ofcourse!), and the staff all really friendly. We went the day after doing the Adnams bewery tour (they’re only about 20 minutes apart) and was quite the contrast. They also sell cases of “mis labelled” beer for £12 a case which made us very happy!

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